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Edmund Crouch

Edmund A. C. Crouch, Ph.D., Senior Scientist

Dr. Crouch has published widely in the areas of environmental quality, risk assessment, and presentation and analysis of uncertainties. He has co-authored a major text in risk assessment, Risk/Benefit Analysis. Dr. Crouch serves as an expert advisor to various local and national agencies concerned with public health and the environment, and has served on nine National Academy of Science Committees. He has written computer programs for the sophisticated analysis of results from carcinogenesis bioassays; has developed algorithms (on the levels of both theory and computer implementation) for the objective quantification of waste site contamination; and has designed Monte Carlo simulations for purposes of fully characterizing uncertainties and variabilities inherent in health risk assessment. Dr. Crouch is widely regarded as an insightful peer-reviewer; he has detected and corrected numerous, critical, otherwise hidden flaws in the technical underpinnings of proposed regulations for environmental protection and related areas.

Dr. Crouch holds a B.A. in Natural Sciences (Theoretical Physics) (1972) and a Ph.D. in High Energy Physics (1975), both from Cambridge University, United Kingdom.

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