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Expert Evaluations

Cambridge Environmental provides critical review and interpretation of scientific studies, data bases, draft guidance documents and policies, proposed regulations, and other documents related to the environmental fate, transport, and health effects of chemicals. Clients use these reviews and analyses to plan regulatory compliance, negotiations, and in litigation. Our analyses present a full and balanced view of the evidence, explaining the strengths and weaknesses of each important study, pointing out incongruities or gaps in information, explaining the bases for alternative scientific judgments, and suggesting strategies for handling the technical issues. Often, we augment the scientific assessment with an analysis of past and probable future responses by regulatory agencies and other interested parties. We help our clients understand current and potential problems, and formulate effective solutions.

Our reviews and analyses typically address chemicals found at disposal, storage, or production sites, and in air, groundwater, surface water, soil, or food. These chemicals may be carcinogenic or otherwise toxic to laboratory animals; some have caused illnesses to workers exposed to high concentrations. Generally, we must determine whether low-level exposures to such chemicals could also harm humans. In so doing, we combine a thorough understanding of the toxic effects plausibly associated with exposure to the chemical at the doses of interest with a thorough understanding of how best to estimate those doses.