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Joan Gaidos

Joan M. Gaidos, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist

Dr. Gaidos has over ten years of experience in environmental and reproductive sciences, including original research, analysis, and publication in the areas of the fate and impact of natural and man-made chemicals in the environment. Her current responsibilities include the review, statistical evaluation, and technical editing of chemical and biological data pertaining to potentially hazardous materials in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Processes addressed include hydrolysis, photolysis, aerobic and anaerobic microbial metabolism in soil and water systems, and the impact of pesticide use on ground and surface water. She also produces fate assessments that integrate fate, transport, and exposure data from pesticides, and has been a contributing author and editor of environmental assessments analyzing the impact of fire and grazing on soils. Dr. Gaidos has edited and interpreted avian dietary and reproductive studies related to acute, subchronic, and chronic toxicity, mutagenicity, neurotoxicity, oncogenicity, and biochemistry of pesticides. She was selected as a Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellow by the American Academy for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in 2001.

Dr. Gaidos holds a B.S. from Virginia Tech in Animal Science (1988), an M.S. from the University of Kentucky in Animal Science (Reproductive Physiology, 1991), and a Ph.D. from Virginia Tech in Crop and Soil Environmental Science (2001).

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