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Teri Myers

Teri S. Myers, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist

Dr. Myers has extensive experience assessing the response of plants and animals to environmental stressors. Her interests and original research have focused on environmental effects on the physiology, behavior, and ecological relationships of organisms. She currently serves as the Program Manager for the U.S. EPA Office of Pesticide Programs' Ecological Risk of Pesticides contract and has provided technical and management supervision of this contract for the past five years. As the Senior Scientist on the contract, she critically evaluates the experimental design, data analysis, and conclusions of studies that determine the acute and chronic toxicity of pesticides to terrestrial and aquatic plants and animals. She interprets toxicological conclusions and environmental fate and transport data on pesticides to prepare ecological hazard profiles and risk assessments. Dr. Myers authored a review paper (2001) that addressed historical and contemporary methods for assessing pesticide phytotoxicity and provided suggestions to U.S. EPA and Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency scientists for developing and improving harmonized guidelines for toxicity testing under the North American Free Trade Agreement. Prior to her work on this contract, her original research examined the ecological impact of elevated nitrogen deposition and drought on Northeastern deciduous tree and introduced pest species. She has lectured and supervised research on the interactive effects of climate change and anthropogenic environmental stressors on biological systems. Other research projects include the impact of hurricanes on vegetative wetland communities on the Gulf Coast of Florida and the ecology and evolution of seed dispersal syndromes in bird and mammal-consumed fruits of the black nightshade family. She has been awarded with several teaching and research honors throughout her professional career.

Dr. Myers earned a B.S. (1995) in Botany from the University of Florida and a Ph.D. (2000) in Environmental Biology from West Virginia University.

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