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Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Assessment

Cambridge Environmental offers consulting services in the assessment of electric and magnetic fields (EMF) from sources such as power-lines, radio antennas, and mobile telephone base stations. Our EMF services include measurement of existing levels, prediction of levels for proposed facilities, and assessment of potential health risks.

We provide technical interpretation and background on EMF issues with regard to electric power transmission and electric power delivery. We can participate in public and regulatory hearings on health effects of EMF as they arise in the context of providing public information on power plants, siting electric power lines, or utility worker and/or public exposure. Our staff can measure and/or predict EMF intensities, as well as provide interpretation of measured or predicted EMF levels. Our public health and human biology orientation is responsive to the concerns of individuals, municipalities, company employees, public-interest groups, and utility customers.

Cambridge Environmental's EMF services are directed by Mr. Richard Lester, who studied physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Mr. Lester has addressed EMF issues associated with numerous electric generation, transmission, and distribution facilities, and has extensive experience in health risk assessment.

Sample Projects

EMF at a university science complex

Cambridge Environmental recently evaluated EMF associated with electricity distribution at a university science complex under development in Boston, Massachusetts. We modeled EMF associated with electric power distribution in the distributed energy facility at the science complex using industry-standard software that implements the physical laws governing electric and magnetic fields generated by electricity distribution. The modeling results showed that ground level magnetic fields in the facility due to electricity distribution are likely to be consistent with those typically found in residential and workplace settings. Modeled magnetic field strengths were much less than guidelines for both occupational and general public exposure. We further studied the EMF associated with electricity generation equipment in the distributed energy facility, the effects of shielding due to the materials used in construction of the complex, and levels of EMF deemed acceptable given the nature of the equipment and scientific research to be conducted in the science complex.

EMF due to a Coast Guard radio antenna

Cambridge Environmental Inc. performed an evaluation of radiofrequency radiation (RFR) from existing and proposed Coast Guard communications towers in coastal Massachusetts and New York. We measured RFR in the vicinity of three existing Coast Guard communications towers, discussed technical aspects of a proposed new communications tower with the U.S. Coast Guard, and compared RFR from the proposed tower to that from existing towers. Richard Lester participated in a meeting of the local Board of Selectmen at which issues related to the proposed communications tower were discussed. We found that RFR associated with the proposed new communications equipment would be similar to that from existing equipment. At nearby residences, RFR would be comparable to median RFR levels at U.S. residences.